Why Donate

I cannot stress enough how much information is key. To this end, keeping this website running is very important to our cause as it reached a wide audience that would otherwise have no access to the information. The site requires funds for maintenance and hosting.

Other than the site, we are looking into printing leaflets. This is for people who do not have access to the site or internet. They would primarily be for rural locations and if possible, printed in the local language. This would go a long way into reaching an otherwise unreached section of the population. In fact, rural populations in our opinion are the ones that need the correct information most. A lot of half-truths and outright lies are peddled to patients, where they end up victims in many aspects.

Victims in the sense that since the condition is not understood in these communities, some patients are shunned by their immediate society as they are said to be either cursed or infectious.

Others are taken advantage of by 'doctors', both tradition and mainstream, who sell them medications that do not work and in most cases, makes the situation worse.

Your donation will go a long way into making all this possible.

We would then like to get into mainstream media. Getting space in local newspapers and television channels would go a long way in making information available nationwide.

Going into neighbouring countries to make information available would then be the next step. Countries such as Tanzania have a unique problem of misinformation. There have been numerous incidences that have been well documented and reported on of instances where people with pigment issues are used in backward witchcraft ceremonies. We strongly believe that all this stems from ignorance.

If we can manage to get the message across that it is a simple pigment disorder and that patients do not possess any magical powers, it can go a long way in securing the safety of the patients.

Getting more NB-UVB machines across the country

Although we know that this method of treatment works the best, there are those who cannot access the treatment simple because of distance.

As a long term goal, we would like to see these machines available in at list most Level 5 government hospitals across the country.

To this end, we would like to facilitate partners who can donate said machines and provide basic training to health care givers in said hospitals so that the service can be accessible to a wider section of the society.


Does Vitiligo spread from parents to children

Although most cases of vitiligo are sporadic, familial clustering is not uncommon, with up to 20% of patients reporting this connection. But be optimistic! If you have vitiligo, most probably your children will not have vitiligo.

Is it possible to stop the progression of vitiligo?

Vitiligo is progressive in 73% of cases and regressive in 1.3%. It is usually explain to the patients that progression depends on the modality of the disease spreading.

How can I treat vitiligo?

Choosing a treatment for vitiligo can be difficult, sometimes overwhelming. In general, first-line therapy should be SAFE, effective, minimally invasive, and cost effective, the most important being SAFETY. As it stands now in Kenya and other countries, the safest and most effective treatment is NB-UVB

What causes vitiligo?

It remains unclear what causes damage to melanocytes and their subsequent total inactivation and/or disappearance in vitiligo skin. There are several theories